Toddler Early Learning Center


Toddler early learning center (12 - 23 months & 24 - 36 months)

Cruz Kid Care Academy is your trusted toddler early learning center in Delaware! This program is divided into two classes: 12 to 23 months and 24 to 36 months including monthly themes. This provides a safe and nurturing environment that supports the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development of toddlers at their own pace. 

Our toddler program is based on a play-based approach to learning, which encourages toddlers to explore and learn through fun and engaging activities. We provide a wide range of age-appropriate activities that promote learning, socialization, and independence.

Toddler Day care center in Delaware
Our Toddler Program includes:
  • Engaging and age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development
  • Opportunities for outdoor play and exploration
  • Creative arts and crafts activities
  • Music and movement activities
  • Healthy and nutritious meals and snacks
  • Regular communication with parents to ensure that we are meeting the needs of each toddler
More On Our Toddler Program

At 12 – 23 months, we introduce the children to activities that help them express themselves through sound, imagination, and through experimenting with color, texture, and shapeWe will also help your child to understand their emotions in a loving and nurturing environment. 

At 24 – 36 months, your child is in a caring atmosphere with a reassuring routine and stimulating activitiesThey will learn through a balance of play, teacher-directed activities, and repetition. 

At Cruz Kid Care Academy’s Toddler Early Learning Center in Delaware, we are committed to providing high-quality childcare services that support the growth and development of every child in our care. We take pride in our ability to create a fun and engaging environment that promotes learning and discovery.